Welcome to HavinABirthday.com... and More!

Everybody loves a party! They are fun events for your guests, and they are great opportunities to create a positive brand for your bar or restaurant. If promoted the right way, they are exceptional profit opportunities as well. But not every business owner is expert at attracting customers and celebrating these special events, nor do they have the time to build a marketing program around these special occasions. Thatís where HavinABirthday.com comes in, and thatís what weíre all about. And thatís how we can help you improve your bottom line.

HavinABirthday.com was created to help you generate business and build a loyal customer base. We help you build relationships with your customers that last over the long term. We are experts at what we do, and we customize every package for our clients. We are not a cookie cutter operation that paints by number. We donít follow a script or mark off boxes as if weíve accomplished something for you. What do we do? We look at your situation ; we work with you to define your target market; and we drive business to your location. What exactly can HavinABirthday.com do for you? We can:

  • Bring business to your restaurant or bar
  • Increase your revenues
  • Generate buzz about your services
  • Develop and send out customized mailings to your target market
  • Save you precious time
  • Add creativity and fun to your marketing, and most importantly, we can
  • Thatís a lot to ask, but we back it up. We know what weíre doing, and we deliver results. What we do is help you market special events. We find the customers you are looking for; we help you design special event packages to appeal to those customers; and we make you the first thing your customers think of when they are celebrating birthdays, farewell parties, retirement parties, or special events of any kind. And how we do it? Hereís how.

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